Our Story

Laramée & Théroux, an emerging internet technology consulting firm, was founded in 2017. Freshly out of school, the founders of Laramée & Théroux were filled with energy and excitement to enter the world of technology.

However, hardship, failure and a lack of work lead them to brainstorm about starting their very own company. The two young men built Laramée & Théroux in hopes of creating a motivating work environment and keeping up with the dynamic world of computer sciences.

While remaining an evolving company, the two consultants are working hard to assure a progressive and well-balanced growth. In just one year, the company has managed to acquire a loyal clientele through their rigorous operations. The clients trust the company to achieve their goals and have confidence that any matter at hand will be tackled efficiently. At Laramée & Théroux, the client remains involved throughout the decision-making process. We will always find the right alternative and will always give you the be

Félix & Tristan