It can be difficult to decide on which computer or server to buy for your enterprise. We make this a simple task! At Laramée & Théroux, we will find the perfect fit for your needs and even suggest different options based on your company’s budget.

Ensure a full recovery of your entire system and resume operations quickly without a glitch using disaster recovery solutions. Automatic backups and 15minutes or less recoveries across physical, virtual and cloud environments, allow business continuity.

Want the people using your company’s Wi-Fi service to log in by using an access code or Facebook account and e-mail address? We can implement this solution for you, making it easier for you to monitor and restrain access to your network.

Tired of having to connect directly with a network cable? We can install a Wi-Fi solution in your offices. We will ensure that the Wi-Fi is always up to date and working efficiently .
“If we wouldn’t work with it, we won’t leave you with it!”

Need help at home or in the workplace? We can provide assistance and maintenance, remotely or on site. Every business has different needs, and that’s what our company is about. We will determine yours and find the ideal solution. We offer continuous supervision over company activities even in your absence. This avoids interruptions from occurring and maintains systems up to date.

Need to update or fix your computer network? We will reoptimize your network configuration so that your company can work as smoothly as possible. Be it as simple as disconnecting your wires or as difficult as configuring a VPN solution, our team will be up to the task.

Want your server space to be tidier? Let our team merge all your server into one, saving you space and money while maintaining the same quality.

Want to avoid losing data? Let us take care of your local or cloud backup solution. Not only can you save your data on site, but we can also have a copy in case of major issues. This way, your information will always be secured.

Your business needs a new network? We’ll offer you the solutions that best meets your needs. We will inform you about what your business will need as of network infrastructure standards and will explain the process along the way.