Félix Laramée

Vice President & Operation Manager

Félix Laramée, a strong-willed entrepreneur, founded Laramée & Théroux alongside his best friend after years of meddling with computers and technology. Always ready to help and find the best solutions for his friends and family, the positive impact of his work ethic encouraged him to pursue a career in consulting. His experience in the healthcare system has prepared him for work in a fastpaced and highly stressful environment. Not only will he be able to guide you and your company towards what you need, he will always do it with your best interest at heart. His expertise with hardware and equipment repair will be crucial for you if a failure occurs.

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Photo Félix Laramée

Photo Tristan Théroux

Tristan Théroux

President & Project Manager

Tristan Théroux, a motivated entrepreneur, started Laramée & Théroux at the young age of 21. The world of technology caught his attention quickly due to its dynamic evolution. He soon realized that his leadership and strong communication skills could be put to work in a small, promising business. Along with his diploma, he has acquired numerous certifications and qualifications. He specializes in company and customer management, allowing his professionalism to be observed with every encounter. His diverse work experience gives him the ability to relate to various partners and clients, which allows him to build a loyal client base. Thanks to his expertise in project, network and server management, he’ll be able to help you with all of your business projects.

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